A Safer East Riding: It’s Time to Listen to You


The safety of women and girls in the East Riding is paramount. Through this consultation we want to hear about your feelings of safety across the East Riding. We want all residents, regardless of their gender, age, or background, to feel safe in their local communities.

We therefore invite everyone to complete our survey and help us to better understand how we can help you.

A key theme running through this survey, is Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).

The Government revised its approach to tackling VAWG crimes in 2021. This VAWG strategy states that “rape and other sexual offences, stalking, domestic abuse, ‘honourbased’ abuse (including female genital mutilation and forced marriage and ‘honour’ killings), ‘revenge porn’ and ‘upskirting’” and online offences as well as others are all encompassed within VAWG (HM Government, 2021, p. 8). 

VAWG is now recognised as a national threat. It adds to a list of six other national threats that include, terrorism, serious and organised crime, and child sexual abuse. Therefore, we must treat VAWG with equal severity.

Research identifies that women and girls are far more likely to be affected by violence and abuse (physically, sexually and/or mentally), and that this is more often than not carried out by men. VAWG campaigns aim to raise awareness of this and challenge the negative ways that some men and boys may treat women and girls. 

This does not mean that we believe men and boys cannot be victims of abuse and crime, and that women and girls cannot cause harm and abuse, as we know that both of these can be true. 

Listening to you and gathering your thoughts, feelings, and experiences can be a powerful tool to consolidate existing work to reduce VAWG, while finding a new evidence base to explore new lines of preventative work under East Riding’s VAWG Response.


Further Information

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HM Government (2021) Tackling violence against women and girls. Available here: (Accessed:13 March 2024).

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Trigger Warning: This consultation asks questions on themes of sexual violence and assault, if you do not want to answer the questions none of the questions are mandatory so they can be skipped or you may leave the survey entirely.