The climate of the East Riding of Yorkshire is changing, and as a result the area is likely to experience warmer temperatures, changes in rainfall patterns, more frequent extreme weather events as well as rising sea levels. Climate change will impact everyone, however future generations will have to live with the consequences for significantly longer, therefore we all need to make important changes to the way we live and work to reduce the scale of climatic changes.
The East Riding of Yorkshire Council are developing a high-level Climate Change Strategy, which sets out our vision and ambitions around climate change across the East Riding of Yorkshire. The strategy has been written to showcase existing work and highlight opportunities for further climate action.  However, we hope that the strategy inspires residents to consider their own impact on the climate, as every action counts and we will only succeed in tackling climate change by working together.

This survey has been created to gather public views on the draft material for the Climate Change Strategy, so we can create a document that truly reflects the views of residents on climate change across the authority area. Ahead of completing the survey, we would encourage you to spend time reading through the summary document provided here, which sets out the key draft information for the Climate Change Strategy.

Executive Summary

Should you wish to view all the draft material it can be found here:

Full Draft Material
Priority Area - Transport

Priority Area - Energy
Priority Area - Waste
Priority Area - Environment
Priority Area - Buildings
Priority Area - Economy
Priority Area - Net Zero Council
Priority Area - Climate Resilience
At the end of the survey you will be asked if you would like to take part in our climate friendly prize draw. If you tick yes, you will be taken to a separate site to register and provide your contact details. Your survey response will remain anonymous.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort in completing this survey and for your support in the development of the Climate Change Strategy.

All responses should be received no later than Sunday 25th September 2022.

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